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    Will Red Rhino Car Wash remove snow and ice from my car?

    The Tunnel and Automatic Washes are specifically designed and finely tuned to remove dirt and road grime from the surface of your car, it is not designed to remove ice, snow, bird droppings, road tar, and tree sap. Removing these would require far more friction than would be healthy for your car’s finish. In fact, we request that you remove snow and ice from your vehicle before coming to the car wash. Excess snow and ice can damage our equipment. It is also unsafe to drive your vehicle with a buildup of snow and ice.

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    What is Clearcoat Protectant?

    Protectant is a solution applied in the tunnel and provides a sacrificial barrier between your car’s clear coat and everyday elements that your vehicle encounters. Since the protectant is sprayed on it’s able to get behind trim and into corners. It also is fine enough to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches in your clearcoat finish. We advise getting a new application of protectant every couple of weeks.

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    What is a Ceramic Protectant?

    We offer a Rustoleum® brand Ceramic Protectant to our top wash and as an add on to any wash.  Rustoleum Ceramic uses ceramic technology to build a super hard clear coating on your entire car to better resist UV rays, bird droppings, soils, and any other contaminants.  It is fully compatible with previously applied ceramic coatings and will help build upon any ceramic coatings that remain. 

    Ceramic Protectant can be purchased as an add on to the Basic, Plus, and Premium wash packages during the initial purchase. 

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    My car was not completely dry should I complain?

    While we strive to get all cars as dry as possible there are many factors at play- the shape of your car, the previous care of the vehicle, the age, nooks, and crannies that drain out after you leave, and many more.  Red Rhino Car Wash uses “spot free” water made on a reverse osmosis machine in the car wash.  This water will dry spot-free even after you leave as long as it does not pick up road debris or salt as you drive away.  You can always bring a towel with you or purchase a microfiber towel on the property here and address all these small areas of water.

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    Can I renew my membership at the payment terminal?

    Yes, but only at our Tunnel Washes in Bensalem. 

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    How do I purchase a Club membership?

    For our Tunnel Washes at our Bensalem location, you can purchase your club membership from the payment terminal at the entrance to the car wash or from our WashNow! Mobile App. Our systems use license plate recognition software, and so you will be asked for your license plate number during the setup process.  It’ll take just a few minutes.

    For our Automatic Washes at all of our locations, sign up for the monthly wash program by downloading the EverWash Mobile App. Once downloaded, select the Red Rhino Location of your choice, choose your wash plan, and begin washing by pointing the phone at the QR code posted on the payment terminal.

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    What’s the material made out of that touches my car?

    It is made of a specially formulated closed cell foam that is safe and gentle on your car’s surface.

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    Does your payment terminal accept the new chip and pin credit cards? 

    Yes, we have the updated technology in place to read the new cards.

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    Can my club membership at one of the other locations for the automatic wash, be used on the tunnel wash?

    No sorry, the tunnel wash is a different wash club program and requires a different club membership for the tunnel wash.

    For all of our automatic wash clubs, use our EverWash Mobile App monthly wash program. EverWash Mobile App CAN be used on all our automatic washes at any of our locations.

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    If I have a club membership through EverWash for the automatic washes, can I use it at the tunnel wash Bensalem location?

    No, you cannot use the EverWash Mobile App for the tunnel wash at the Bensalem location but you can use our WashNow! mobile app for the tunnel wash at the Bensalem location.



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